Protect and Preserve Your Walls

Wall Coating: Secoflex

Roof Coating Specialists strives to offer its customers the best possible solutions and services available. To this end we have now incorporated a new coating. SecoFlex coatings are very hard wearing, are extremely resistant to weather and are strongly adhesive – all due to their high resin content. This new coating is up to 40 times thicker than traditional paint systems giving a much longer lifespan. Coated walls will far outlast traditional paints.

The wall coatings are available in a wide range of finishes from smooth to very heavy textures. The latter are excellent for old properties where the coating needs to cover up cracks and old damage, resulting in a greatly improved appearance.

The coatings are also available in many varied colours, offering the customer an excellent choice. The colour range coupled with the various textures can create a total new look to your house giving you a very varied and personal solution. The colour is imbedded in the coating which relieves the necessity to continually repaint. It is colourfast so that even dark colours are not bleached by sunlight.

Our external wall coatings are microporous, so as well as being extremely weather resistant, they are also “breatheable” – important for properties which have penetrating damp.