Protection and longevity – two benefits of roof coating

by / Wednesday, 10 September 2014 / Published in Blogs

The roof on your house is the layer that sees some of the harshest treatment – and yet, it is the part of our property that we pay least attention to! Coating your roof with an additional layer not only adds another layer of much needed protection but also increases the life of your roof.
Rain, hail, sun, wind or snow, your roof will keep you dry; unless of course, there is damage or it it far too old to be offering the protection that you need from it. Adding a coating to your roof is adding an outer membrane that will shield your roof from the harshest elements. When applied correctly, there is no doubt that it will last for yours, potentially adding another 15 to 25 years to the life of your roof.
Roof coating is versatile too as there is wide selection of coating types that suit the different roofing materials prevalent in the UK. Making sure you get the right coating is important – the wrong coating will simply not bind to the roofing material.
Coating your roof is excellent when it comes to oddly-shaped roofs – it can be applied in all nooks and crannies, a great way to bind flashing and other materials together forming one large, cohesive membrane.
A roof coating is also a useful layer when it comes to preventing leaks. As it forms one large membrane once applied, it is an additional layer that is also robust enough to withstand the harshest of British weather.
Often, people don’t realise that sunlight can also be damaging, especially prolonged exposure. The coating acts as a barrier that slows down the rate of damage that harsh, prolonged sunlight can cause. This might not be something that we have to worry about too much in the UK, but UV rays are still damaging. Applying this coating is far cheaper – and hence more cost effective – than having a new roof fitted.
There is also a malleable and elastic quality to these roof coatings and so as your roof contracts and expand with the cold and heat, the protective roof coating can also expand and contract. Without this elastic quality, the coating would simply crack, rainwater could then seep in underneath. Sitting water or damp under the coating would then cause an issue eventually with the original roofing material.
Application of a roof coating material can also be fairly straightforward and simple. Some coatings can be applied with a brush or similar tool, whilst some are ‘spray painted’ on. The preparation of the roof is the essential part in the application of any type of roof coating. Crevices, guttering and any other collections of dirt, moss, weeds etc. need to be completely removed – any detritus on the roof will mean that the membrane will not form a correct seal; neither will it be robust enough to withstand the elements. There also needs to be several layers applied to the roof to make sure that the correct thickness is reached.
It is possible to apply the treatment to the roof yourself but both the working at height and preparation can be daunting, as well as hard work! Many people choose to use a reputable roof coating company. These companies can apply your coating in a professional manner, with the minimum disruption.
Applying a protective roof coating is becoming an increasingly popular choice to increase the life of your roof. Make sure you get the right coating for your roofing material, prepare the surface well and you will have a roof fit for purpose for years to come

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