(waterproof tarmac, block paving, concrete in clear or colours)

Over the years, driveways, patios, pavings etc. wear down, and become stained and unsightly as a result of exposure to the harsh weather, dirt, moss and algae

Our sealers soak into the surface and create a waterproof barrier which will prevent colour fade and prevent moss, algae etc to grow back.

TARMAC REPAIR / RESTORER (different colours available)

We can repair cracks and holes and re-coat your Tarmac to look as good as new at a fraction of the price.

Our coating rejuvenates your tarmac by soaking into the surface and replacing the resins lost from exposure to the elements, unlike a tarmac paint that sits on the surface of the tarmac and provides only a temporary solution.

NATURAL STONE / BLOCK PAVING SEALERS (clear or colours available)

Natural stone patio’s and driveways are very porous making them very difficult to keep clean.
The retention of water means algae and lichen quickly form which makes the expensive patio appear dirty and un-attractive.

First we will cleani, then we will apply a fungicidal coating followed by our sealer.

The sealer will penetrate deep into the porous parts of the stone creating a waterproof barrier.

Once sealed the natural stone will stop retaining moisture, slowing down the re-growth of moss, algae and lichens.


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All sealers are manufactured to BS5750/ISO 9001 quality

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